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Pocket Watch
  • Necklace Watch

    Necklace Watch (18)

    For you madam, pretty jewel watches to wear proudly as a necklace or a long necklace to enhance your outfits. And don't forget that any pocket watch can be transformed into a necklace watch with our pocket watch chains.
  • Wooden Pocket Watch

    Wooden Pocket Watch (12)

    Pocket watches with timeless charm. The warmth of wood and the colors of different species will make these objects an accessory that you will never be able to part with. They can be worn with classic, casual or sporty outfits. Their quartz movement guarantees you very high precision. They come with a hanging chain for ...
  • Steampunk Pocket Watch

    Steampunk Pocket Watch (9)

    Do you like Steampunk style? These Steampunk pocket watches are made for you! They will be essential to complete your outfit, giving your look a touch of perfection.
  • Pendant Watch

    Pendant Watch (9)

    Real jewelry to wear as a pendant: cameos, enamels. These pendant watches will also allow you to wear the time on your neck.
  • Classic Pocket Watch

    Classic Pocket Watch (9)

    Pocket watches and pocket watches with an antique and vintage look, combining the strengths of a classic look and a modern movement without compromising on precision.
  • Nurse watch

    Nurse watch (8)

    Nursing watches are pocket watches to be hung on professional clothing using a clip, clip or safety pin. They are intended for nurses, nursing assistants and all health personnel, allowing them to have the time easily accessible without deviating from hygiene rules. Practical but also elegant watches!
  • Fancy Pocket Watch

    Fancy Pocket Watch (7)

    Fancy pocket watches: pocket watches to wear according to your outfit, modern and inexpensive. Treat yourself!
  • Accessories

    Accessories (6)

    Boxes and cases: everything to take care of your pocket watch or pocket watch. But also pocket watch chains or necklace watch chains to replace the old one or transform a pocket watch into a pendant watch.
  • Ring Watches

    Ring Watches (4)

    Watch or ring? You will have both with a ring watch, in turn proudly displaying its qualities as a timekeeper or hiding under a piece of jewelry that you will love to wear on your finger!

Our offer

The largest choice on the internet of pocket watches, necklace watches, ring watches and nurses watches quality at an affordable price.

Of course you will not find at MOGO Omega or Tissot pocket watch because their price is too high to appear in our catalog. On the other hand, we offer a wide choice of styles (classic, jewelry, fantasy, steampunk, wood) at competitive prices so that you can change them often and choose your watch according to your outfit.

Nurses and health workers will also find pocket watches adapted to their profession. They will allow them to have the time on them without deviating from the hygiene rules to which they are bound.

And to protect your pocket watches or buy chains in different colors, go to the categories accessories.

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